im gonna take ur blue eyes white dragon and ram it down ur asshole have fun in the shadow realm shitdick


im gonna take ur blue eyes white dragon and ram it down ur asshole have fun in the shadow realm shitdick


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God seeing Kuja really makes me want to my writing stories again even much more beautifully, Its a shame none of the Kuja’s are interested into liking me at all.

Chapter 1: Adventuring To A City Of Eternal Rain.

During a time period of my day I was spending my entire devoted day reading books and nothing but books learning about the entire land as to where I just traveled to least for the very reason and very fact of several places to visit, despite this very fact I had several people look right at me as they pass on by me due to the fact of the very much one book I seem to have right next to me, plus some paper I happen to write about during when I was learning about both Alexandria, to Linblum, along with Dali, the Chocobo forest’s and even their paradise places, one part of a book seems to catch my very eye, a legend or rather myth that of a summon who became a monster, which had been defeated by four warriors and won against that monster known as Ozma, but the interesting thing was, it had more info about the monster of Ozma but as to what it was, was purely unknown, so I disregarded that and saved the paper about it which is a very short page that I just wrote, as I moved onto a book of Burmecia as to this very reason why people had been looking at me, but in the same time I felt like someone was watching me even despite of my own looks are abit feminine, to this day I was born this way for the very least.

Ultima: Very interesting…Burmecia is not only known for these creatures but rather known for its eternal rain within the city, I believe I should visit the area, I mean after all I am in Dali and most likely the information I gather was from those places I happen to learn about, but my main focus…is this one so I will visit this one first….

As I paused from what I just said I saw a shadow right sending behind me, a figure on which looked very form of what is hard to explain, however I never looked behind me at all because I had not intended to do so, least for within those seconds of then I looked behind me only to see no one there soon after that very shadow moved away from me, then I got all of my belongings papers of said and that one book, and I started to leave the inn, by this time I headed out of the inn and out of the small town and headed to the small little area in close by the town, where an old man had been working with docked airships, during this time period I had wondered around to see if this old man who was living here was around.

Ultima: H..Hello sir are you here?

Old Man: Huh oh I didn’t know anyone would visit this small area that often, since the only ones who do are airships that dock here now and then, what can I do for you?

Ultima: I..Is there any airships I can take to…Burmecia?

Old Man: Well yes there is actually one that is docked up the mountain just up these stairs, you can ask the man up there to ask for the ride to Burmecia, since he was heading to Lindblum.

Ultima: I see…T…Thank you sir.

After speaking with the old man I bowed very gracefully as I started to talk up the stairs straight up which is a very small mountain path that will lead up a docks of the airship area, in the very same time from above a unknown being that in white on a dragon seems to fly by above and seems to have not yet glanced to the one at the very bottom least for this time period due to the fact of this ones interest’s of heading to exactly the same location as Ultima’s destination, mean while Ultima did pay the man that of the gil to see if it was possible to get transported by airship to Burmecia, which the pilot of the airship does agree to this location and I get in the airship and close my eyes to rest as it lifts off into the skies and started slowly hurling towards Burmecia, meaning time even despite of me sitting near the large window of the airship in that very dream, had a revelation that something may just very well happen, in this dream Ultima see’s himself in the heavyiest rain, seeing himself backing up backwards while an unknown being is walking towards him, a unfamiliar person he has not seen before at all, dressed in an outfit with an exposed body figure, up onto this very exact point in that very dream, Ultima tossed and turned, in that same time the one just outside the airship flying just close by, seems to glance to  me with then a sudden interest’s.

Unknown Being: Huh? Who is this lovely and yet very beautiful one? I really do wonder where he’s heading….is he heading to the same location as me? what a beautiful and lovely sight to see, then if this is true then let us both be and see one another then.

from the words coming out from this beings mouth he flew into the distance least further into the heart of Burmecia, mean while Ultima woke up really quick due to the dream, because the dream came to a point where he was not being tortured or haunted, but rather teased by being touched upon the left cheek of mine as then I hold onto my left cheek softly wondering what was this dream of a revelation about, least he didn’t quite understand as of the moment.

Ultima: W……What was that dream? who was that person? never had this before…

Pilot: We are half way there just now passing a first mountain before passing the second one, by then we will be heading into the destination.

Ultima: …Thanks should get some more rest.

From this point I fall back to sleep again not even knowing that the revelations that I just had is more likely the beginning of change that is just about ahead of me, this time the dream I started to have at t his time is when I was also sleeping within that dream of mine, at the same time I had gotten up only to walk around within that dream seeing the place was locked, due to the fact of not even knowing were I was at the time, when I went back to sleep onto my bed, something pinned me down in that dream, and this is where the entire dreams gets abit interesting, from this unknown person got so close to me, and kissed me so deeply that my own eyes widen open and then suddenly, I snapped out of the dream and shakes my head abit.

Ultima: W..What the hell?

Pilot: We are already here in close by to Burmecia.

Ultima: Huh? Oh thanks pilot.

Getting up off the ground getting my things and goes to the pilot and pays him the gil that was provided again as extra for taking me this far and close by to Burmecia, and was asked if I was going to need a ride and some point I had a feeling I may not at all need one so I said no to him and walks within the rain and towards the Burmecia entrance, soon as I enter Burmecia City Of Eternal Rain, I ended up using the my hands or cloth to wipe the water from my face and smiling never seen such a beautiful place before, and proceeds to walk forward towards the next area on the lay out of the place which is a small town what use to be seemingly a market, and looks around in the same time within the shadows I seem to be being watched by someone and I didn’t even noticed at all, even despite this person has a high interest’s to me, then as I head forward again to the next place it was a big some what a mansion, as I look around up and right about the area by moving my head, I took the right side of the mansion and up the stairs and opens the door and went inside the mansion, soon as I walk right in the mansion there on my right is stair case leading up and next to it is a water fountain, to my left is a lite up candles and infront is a broken door, so I took my chances walking forward afew or so steps, and turned to my right and went up the stair case, leaning to the second floor, went straight across and turned to my left and went to that very directions to the next area, which leads right back outside above in the back area of the mansion which has an entrance to another area, so I took that middle area of the place as I walk forward, in the very same time the person kept eyes upon me by following, wondering why I was here for, or for what reason, upon leading to the entrance I took was a very very large stairs leading upwards to another place within the big city of Burmecia, not far behind me is the person who is also following very silently lurking in the shadows like he is stalking me but again I never noticed due my my own interest’s to the city of eternal rain, which leads me to another stair case and I took the upwards again leading to the upper floor slightly, crossing what is a block that is now a bridge area, and crossing that to the first entrance on the upper floor leading to another building , turned to my left and turned to my right, walks straight upwards turn to my right and walks afew steps to turn to another door way to open it and walks out of the building to the next area of the city, which leads again back outside into a small town within the big city of Burmecia, I looked at the two doors which on the right leads to where a Moogle lies to a place to talk to, on the left lies where a weapon was once was, and straight leads to the big castle, so I decided to take the front of my path and straight towards the castle for this being even though I am soaked in wet and so I put my bags down and left them behind for now and decided to talk the rest of the way since it made me alot lighter, so I decided to climb upwards from the statue and into the other side of the castle or what looks to be a castle or some place and lands safely onto the ground and walks around and in the middle of the place.

Ultima: So it was true…it is very very beautiful place to be…and yet this is where the rain flows…

Unknown Being: That’s because it always rains here for eternally.

As soon as I heard a very very tone of a voice that sounded not at all creepy but a chill down my own spine as this very voice I hear was just right behind me.

Ultima: …..W…Who…are you?

Unknown Being: Forgive my rudeness I am Kuja The Angel Of Death, and I followed you as to why are you interested into this place?

Ultima: …..K..Kuja?

I jumped and turned and walks backwards even from the hear the word angel of death and as soon as I walked backwards he walks towards my direction and even smiling across his feminine angelic lips, and backs into a wall and then, watches you get very close to me, seen this happens Kuja puts his own hands upon the wall both sides of my head, and even trapping me in onto the wall where even I can’t even escape since he is after all one inch from me.

Kuja: That’s right Beautiful Canary.

Ultima: …B..Beautiful…C..Canary….I….I…W..What..are you doing?

Kuja: I’m not doing anything at least not yet anyway my sweet loving Beautiful Canary, so shy aren’t we?

From that point I began to have a very strange feeling when he was speaking these words to me in a very tone manner, from this sight I have been blushing without even knowing it, all because of his words, then I began to shake in such a fear of this unknown feeling I am having to feel, then he’s gotten closer to me in a face to face and eye to eye contact that locked, then my heart started to pound in a very strange manner that I didn’t even understand what this was at all, at first I started to struggle to try to push Kuja away but then he grip upon my wrist’s and pulled me down not forcingly or violently but rather in a trapping position that he sat on me and kept my arms out by holding my wrist’s onto the ground, and just went back to eye to eye contact lock, this point my vision started to feel abit of a blur even my own memories after he gotten closer to me and pressing his angelic feminine lips across my lips, as my eyes widen and started to struggle again and pinned me down as he did this time to make sure that I did not move, in the same time he locked his lips upon mine, making noises as I struggled slower and slower then into a full stop into a relaxed feeling as my heart started to pound ever so quickly and my eyes gotten heavy, because of the kiss had weakened my entire mind, body and even feeling the emotion that I had never felt before in my entire life,  since the kiss kept going, I suddenly began to kiss right back very shyingly and yet still continued to blush to no end, moaning however within the kiss though, since Kuja put his hands off my wrist knowing that I wasn’t even able to do anything at all, caressing his hands across my cheek very gentle and very very caringly, then broke the kiss as the warm air came out of my mouth as well as his twirling with both of our warm breath together, opening my eyes again.

Ultima: ….I…W…Why..I don’t…know what this feeling is….

Kuja: Its called being in love Beautiful Canary, you are one to blush so much and even afraid of me or nervous perhaps?

Ultima: …M..Me in…love? W…With you?……Y..You kissed me….You…started it all

Kuja: Yes I did but I’m not going to stop either Beautiful Canary, this is only the start.

Ultima: W…Wait what..only…a start…of things…what…do you mean by that?

Kuja: you’ll see Beautiful Canary.

Mentioning those words that Kuja just made caused a very chilling feeling down my spin and he gets up and he started to remove his own clothes off as my own eyes widen and blushed so much seeing him do that right infront of me, only to expose himself to me seeing his feminine body in every angel, then he started to try to get onto my clothes and I moved and then he grips upon me and put his hand over my mouth and held me close against me and started to struggle and he began to take off my shorts off.

Kuja: Shhhh stops struggling, you do not need to be afraid of me Beautiful Canary, show me me what you look like.

As soon as Kuja whispered into my ear in such a beautiful tone to a point where I shivered and just stopped struggling knowing there isn’t a point of struggling, then he began to take off my shorts revealing nothing on within those shorts, then he took his hand off my mouth as I was pushed lightly against the wall, then he took off my shirt and blushing as I am from exposing my own body to Kuja and looks down shyingly, then he lifts my head up and kissed me across my lips again, as I blushed darker with my eyes widen up, he pressed upon against me with out bodies touching and even our cocks touching one another, shivering so much and moaning within the kiss, then pulls me down onto the ground along with Kuja at the same time, he took his hand upon my cock and started to stroke it up and down very very intimately and puts my face upon your chest very shyingly and putting my hands upon your torso gently and making some noises do to the fact of my cock being fondled and stroked upon, arching my own back form this as I blush and then Kuja stopped, then he turns me over as I hide my face into my hands, then Kuja put his hands upon my hips and lifts my butt up and knew that Ultima is very new at this entire thing, then Kuja took his cock and rubbed the head of his cock onto the entrance of my butthole, then slides the head of his cock into my butthole as I made afew noises then suddenly he forced it all right in as I moans so loud that the sound within my voice echoed in a symphony sound all over Burmecia, I relaxed to this very point where he started to grind his cock in and right from my butthole and moaning and grinding my hips lighting onto his cock that is in me, then Kuja lefts my upper body upwards as I blush and he kept me into as hold to be close to him and started to kiss upon my neck, then puts my hands upon his arm and held onto him as he grinded into me in the most intimate and most loving way that I never felt before and moaning so much and arching my back with my femininely body showing ever so beautifully.

Kuja: Beautiful…Canary you are so lovely and ever so beautiful.

Ultima: M…Mmmmmmm Ahhhhh O…Oh god…I…I never…felt this way in my…life before….K..Kuja!… D..Don’t stop… away!

As my words came out as Kuja smiles he grinded his cock harder into me moaning louder, Kuja took upon not only upon my butthole but also my cock and stroked it as he and I at the same time gotten so close to cumming together.

Kuja: ..Mmmm so good!..I’m going to cum Beautiful Canary!

Ultima: K..Kuja….take me to…heaven!

Both moaning and then Kuja thrusts right into the prostate and began squirting out his very hot white cum inside into my prostate as suddenly I moaned and arching my back very very attractive squirting my own cum right out afew or several feet from us both, Kuja held me so close to him and twitching, even despite of the rain hitting our bodies, in this very point Kuja stayed inside of me from the butthole then fell asleep as Kuja never let go of me and he too fell asleep with me into a holding hug, in the next morning of the day I woke up as well as he did too and he takes himself out of me very slowly as he stands up to put his clothes back on as well as myself on the clothes in the same time, however I couldn’t stand up straight at all, I fell almost down but caught by Kuja right into a hug facing him with my face onto his chest, then I look upwards to him with his arms around me and holding me into a locked position, he goes down onto kissing onto my lips again and locked our lips together with my eyes widen up again, feeling Kuja’s sweet intimate loving kiss but what I didn’t noticed is the fact he just slips his tongue into my mouth and I tried to struggle but I couldn’t even move at all, the more likely feeling is feeling his saliva entering my mouth and I made noises from the twirling and tongue and just closed my eyes and kissed right back not opening my eyes, in this very same time not able to noticed or feel only the fact of feeling his energy enter me at the very same time that he lift me off the ground along with him and flew some other place- then he broke the kiss with saliva coming out from both of our mouths in the very same time and splits and opens my eyes and looks into Kuja’s very eyes.

Ultima: I…love…you…Kuja.

Kuja: I love you too Beautiful Canary.

To this very point I didn’t know what to think or how to explain my feelings to this very point, most reasonable part of my feelings seems to be so twisted even enough that I fell in love with a beautiful, most loving that is very romantic and intimate Angel Of Death, that he is named Kuja, I seem to have fall for Kuja in ways that now I seem to now be in his place the Desert Palace as he calls it, I do not mind this at all because of the fact, the revelation of my dream apparently were correct and true, the one who kissed me in my dream is infact Kuja The Beautiful Angel Of Death, so there is where the chapter of this goes into a new area.

….To Be Continued.

Apparently my story of the rewrite will be delayed for abit due to computer leg issues, plus also delaying music video I want to make for awhile due to rewriting the stories all over again, there are several other stories that I need to write eventually, but I need to do a rewrite before even publishing.

Moved into the new apartment with a beautiful view, I can finally come out with my wings upon and write the stories again since now I have more time, on which should be the teaser of such cases. -^_^-

On a note side I only found this picture because I thought it was very cute and very attractive on some cases, of course this is only 1 out of….uhhh over 50 pictures I hold on my computer originally, but now I only have little pictures for now til I put in another teaser of what my story shall be on side loooocations from my own thoughts, of course I did made a Burmecia on Minecraft from the PS3 version, however I messed up buuut I did came close to what it should simulate to, however I have no pictures right at this time due to other gaming and also got alot of inspiration. -^_^- - Giggles. -

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Due to the very fact I am suppose to write my stories again, I have over 500 Intros annnnd none of them fit the entire thing, I seem to have lost the inspiration of even making any stories at all, like there is something blocking for the right one to even be posted into the intro, I have used every picture, playing most of my Dissidia Games including 012 as well as FFIX and even tried to put together the intro in my mind even reinacting with my imagination annnnnd still nothing, truthfully I cannot figure out why, sure it maybe called writers block…..but this is something I cannot even get out of the way to write the story, so in my issues and problems right now that has to do with this writing which is most likely not having the inspiration is the cause of not posting stories like I use to.

P.S. I am very very terribly sorry all.

So finally my music video is finally finished, however I am afraid to post it on youtube since FB will not take it.

Now I shall await not only for Final fantasy XIV A realm Reborn, buuut now for Final Fantasy XV as well as Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII.

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I ended up making an edited of my own which I keep hearing about for awhile from a website, and this is what I could even do, Such not only Lovely Beautiful Angel Of Death, But I ended up loving what I made. -^_^-

I ended up making an edited of my own which I keep hearing about for awhile from a website, and this is what I could even do, Such not only Lovely Beautiful Angel Of Death, But I ended up loving what I made. -^_^-

" The Most Angelic Smile Throughout Of On Which Is Apart Of That Very Beauty, Is That Of On Which You’ll End Up Seeing Throughout Your Entire Day And Nights As Memories, But If Kissed By That Angelic Lips Of That Angel, You’ll See Everything That You Wanted To See Come True Of On Which Is Absolution Of Passion. "

" The Most Angelic Smile Throughout Of On Which Is Apart Of That Very Beauty, Is That Of On Which You’ll End Up Seeing Throughout Your Entire Day And Nights As Memories, But If Kissed By That Angelic Lips Of That Angel, You’ll See Everything That You Wanted To See Come True Of On Which Is Absolution Of Passion. "